Degrees and Majors Authorized For East Georgia State College
As of : 05/17/2024
FICE CODE: 010997
Date of Last Approval: 05/16/2024

AA50070101AssociateAssociate of Arts in ArtON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA23010101AssociateAssociate of Arts in EnglishON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA54010101AssociateAssociate of Arts in HistoryON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA45110101AssociateAssociate of Arts in SociologyON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA42010101AssociateAssociate of Arts in PsychologyON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA43020202AssociateAssociate of Arts in Fire and Emergency Services AdministrationON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA45010101AssociateAssociate of Arts in Social SciencesON CAMPUS OR HYBRID OR ONLINE - Active2028NA
AA43010401AssociateAssociate of Arts in Criminal JusticeON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA45100101AssociateAssociate of Arts in Political ScienceON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA09010001AssociateAssociate of Arts in Communication ArtsON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AA13041401AssociateAssociate of Arts in Elementary EducationON CAMPUS OR HYBRID OR ONLINE - Active2027NA
AA24010101AssociateAssociate of Arts in Liberal Arts ON CAMPUS OR HYBRID OR ONLINE - Active2029NA
AS26010101AssociateAssociate of Science in BiologyON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AS52020101AssociateAssociate of Science in Business AdministrationON CAMPUS OR HYBRID OR ONLINE - Active2024NA
AS30710400AssociateAssociate of Science in Financial TechnologyHYBRID OR ONLINE - Active2029NA
AS30180101AssociateAssociate of Science in Natural SciencesON CAMPUS OR HYBRID OR ONLINE - Active2028NA
AS27010101AssociateAssociate of Science in MathematicsON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AS36010101AssociateAssociate of Science in RecreationON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
AS40050101AssociateAssociate of Science in ChemistryON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
BA43020201Bachelor'sBachelor of Arts with a Major in Fire and Emergency Services AdministrationONLINE - Deactivated 01-AUG-20212020 -
BS51380105Bachelor'sBachelor of Science with a Major in Nursing, RN to BSN ON CAMPUS AND ONLINE - Deactivated 01-AUG-20212022 -
BS43010300Bachelor'sBachelor of Science with a Major in Criminal Justice HYBRID OR ONLINEeMajorActive2030NA
BS26010101Bachelor'sBachelor of Science with a Major in BiologyON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-20212017 -
BS52021300Bachelor'sBachelor of Science with a Major in Organizational LeadershipHYBRID OR ONLINEeMajorActive2031NA
CER050060501Certificate of Less than One YearCertificate of Less than One Year In Digital PhotographyON CAMPUS - Deactivated 01-AUG-2021 - -
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